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Best Diet Hoodia

hoodia diet

Deep in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa a prickly like plant called Hoodia grows that could literally take your appetite away. Although this plant has been gathered and eaten by local habitants for probably 100,000 years, it was only recently documented as being discovered in the 1960's as a possible appetite suppressant.

The plant looks very much like a cactus, is light green in color and has stalks with very sharp prickly spines. Unlike other appetite suppressants sold on the market today, Hoodia will not give your body a jittery feeling or a fast heart rate. Typical diet pills have ingredients like ephedrine or caffeine, which cause blood pressure to be elevated and give you a shaky feeling.

The Hoodia plant became known by accident because the local "Bushmen" of the Kalahari ate Hoodia as a standard part of their diet and that diet was the center of a study by South Africa's national lab. Once researchers found out that anyone who ate this plant actually lost weight they realized they were onto something, but it would be a three long decades before the real science came about.

Will Hoodia diet pills curb you appetite permanently? The answer is no. You cannot completely starve your body no matter how much Hoodia you eat. At some point your brain will figure out you do need food to function. However, when you feel hungry because your insulin levels are bouncing all over the place, this is called hormonal hunger. It is this hormonal hunger, which ruins most people's diets. When our blood sugar levels spike and fall, we crave more sweets and carbohydrates. This is why you might crave ice cream at 3am.

Hoodia gordonii can eliminate snacking when it is caused by hormonal hunger. You want to continue to eat meals when you are really hungry, but you want to eliminate all the snacking that is due to hormonal hunger. While Hoodia can help eliminate both types of hunger, it is unhealthy skip meals. The real advantage to Hoodia is that it eliminates cravings and snacks when you don't need to eat.

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