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Best Diet Hoodia

ephedra hoodia

This amazing weight loss mix, derived from the plant Hoodia, is found only in Africa. Not only is it perfect for fast weight loss but it also has no known side effects to date and is completely safe.

Here are a few helpful tips when embarking on your weight loss journey with Hoodia diet pills.

1. Be sure that the product contains one hundred percent pure Hoodia Gordonii. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Hoodia diet pills on the shelves that have very little of this vital active ingredient. Statistics show that the top supplement producers have an average of 500 mg of Hoodia mixed in with it so that amount is a general rule of thumb to search for.

2. Be wary of Hoodia diet pills that also contain ephedra. Ephedra is not necessary nor is it recommended to take with or without Hoodia. You may get the shakes and your blood pressure may go up with ingredients like Ephedra. Also make sure that there is no caffeine in your Hoodia supplements. Both of these type of stimulants may be added to make up for a lack of true pure Hoodia Gordonii that some companies do not have.

3. You should take no more than 2 capsules before or after eating your meals. Of course everybody is different and you may take more or less but this has been shown to be a decent level to take. Remember, although you will not feel the side effects like caffeine would give you, pure Hoodia is a very potent plant and works like no other.

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